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Legacy drivers in the future

Question asked by restinpieces on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by black_zion

Hello. I'll try to be frank and brief.


A few years ago I purchased a 4870. Amazing piece of technology, could even run 2013 games near their highest settings, which is pretty admirable for such and old card.

Then AMD decided to stop optimizing its drivers. Optimizing the drivers of a graphics card can make a world of difference and the results were painfully obvious in the upcoming games at that time. More crashes, glitches and bad performance in games which were barely more demanding than their predecessors.


Today, I want to buy a new graphics card. A mid-highish range amd card like r9 280x would do the job for me. However r9 280x is a few years old already, compared to certain nvidia rivals which where recently released.


So, I am afraid history will repeat itself and since AMD hasn't changed this "legacy" policy, it will dump this model in 1-2 years as well. Why should I prefer it over the competition?

Thank you for reading, would appreciate an honest, unbiased answer.