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find error in testing dopp  sample  with active stereo 3D

Question asked by xmatrix on May 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by chm

Hello everyone.

My graph crad is Fire Pro W600.

I have download the dopp sdk and sample. I create a a display group with two desktops (these desktops are outputed from two projectors)  using  eyefinity menu .

I enable the dopp and restart my computer. dopp works well.

But  when I play a stereo 3D video with stereo media player (active  stereo 3D model), with my graph card's fps is 60hz, and  two digital projection projectors output fps is 120hz( with the double frequences technology of the projecor, in frame sequenctial model).It  work abnormal: on the top part of the image , a strip keep on blinking .

There are two interesting situations to notice:

1. When we quit the dopp sample, the film can be displayed nomally in the active stereo 3D model by two projectors, with display group. 

2. When we use only one projector to display the film in the same model, with the dopp sample, the film is displayed normally too.

Is there anyone can tell how to solve this problem. Thank you !