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Triple Monitor Setup

Question asked by classical_muse on May 25, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by jeff_fire

I have 2 Asus VS239 IPS monitors, and an AOC monitor (not sure which, lost the box). I'm having trouble setting up a third monitor on my pc using 2 7870's in crossfire. I have the 2 Asus' hooked up already, both using DVI cables. I tried switching one with an HDMI and giving the DVI to my AOC, but the Asus stopped getting a signla with the HDMI. Windows still detects it, but not as a working monitor and CCC doesn't see it at all. I had a DisplayPort to DVI adapter, so I plugged my AOC into that, but the HDMI Asus still won't recieve a signal. What combination do I need to get this to work?