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    xvba-video still needed?


      I have Ubuntu 14.10 amd64 with xubuntu core installed.

      I am using fglrx version 2:14.501-0ubuntu1

      I am trying to enable hardware video acceleration.


      I see here that I need to install a back end for VDPAU that uses VAAPI for video decoding and GL for everything else.


      I installed vdpauinfo libvdpau1 libvdpau-va-gl1


      I read that these need an xvba video back end to be installed.  Instructions for that are to install the package xvba-video.  That package is not listed in Synaptic, but, there is xvba-va-driver.


      When I try to install, I get an error that the package is trying to overwrite fglrx_drv_video.so which is already installed by the fglrx driver.

      This has been reported as a bug here:

      Bug #1413330 “package xvba-va-driver (not installed) failed to i...” : Bugs : xvba-video package : Ubuntu


      The specific message suggests that the xvba-video package may not be needed anymore since it says that file is already installed.


      So, my question is, does anyone know if vdpau support is broken by this situation, or is it simply that the xvba-video package is no longer needed if your fglrx driver is current enough and includes it when it installs?

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          In Ubuntu 15.04 with default catalyst 15.3 not working XVBA and VAAPI.

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            There seems to be an internal xvba-vaapi conversion beginning from Catalyst 14.12, so it appears as supporting vaapi for applications. This means that after installing fglrx acceleration should just work without requiring anything else. You can check the state by typing "vainfo" into a terminal. I think the xvba package can still be used optionally, as some programs may want to talk through the old xvba interface. It's kept for backwards compatibility, but no longer a requirement.

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