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Anything keeps spinning!

Question asked by samynator on May 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2015 by udidwht

My Bug - YouTube

It appeared suddenly, when i played a game, which i have already played very often. I started the game and in the menu it scrolls permanently down through the options. If i manage it to start a new game, my character starts spinning on the left side and won't stop, no matter what button i press.

Now it get's really strange:

It only happens in some games. For example i play assassins creed brotherhood and anything works properly. Then i play the sequel assassins creed revelations and the bug appears. It's kind of random, which games are affected by this bug.

Believe me i tried putting out and in my mouse and keyboard, looked through the firewall, I even set my operating system new up and it doesn't help!!!


Does someone know a solution, or a least have a clue what could cause this bug?

Thank you in anticipation