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    executeNDRangeKernel crashes with segfault under certain circumstances


      On Catalyst 14.12, the executeNDRangeKernel crashes with Segmentation fault, if all three conditions are met:

      1. The kernel is run on GPU (Radeon R9 290x);

      2. The kernel uses printf function;

      3. The kernel is built from binary.


      The test source is attached and displayed here:

      #define __CL_ENABLE_EXCEPTIONS
      #include <CL/cl.hpp>
      #include <string>
      #include <algorithm>
      #include <iostream>
      using namespace cl;
      int main()
          std::vector<Platform> platformList;
          cl_context_properties cprops[] = {
          Context context(CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU, cprops);
          std::vector<Device> devices;
          devices = context.getInfo<CL_CONTEXT_DEVICES>();
          if (devices.size() == 0) {
              std::cerr << "No GPU devices found\n";
          devices.erase(devices.begin()+1, devices.end()); // pick the first device
      //    std::string source = "kernel void test() { }\n"; // this is OK
          std::string source = "kernel void test() { printf(\"Hello world %d\\n\",0);}\n";
          Program program(context, source);
          program.build(devices, "");
          std::vector<::size_t> sizes = program.getInfo<CL_PROGRAM_BINARY_SIZES>();
          std::vector<char *> binaries = program.getInfo<CL_PROGRAM_BINARIES>();
          Program::Binaries binaries1;
          binaries1.push_back(std::pair<void*,::size_t>(binaries[0], sizes[0]));
          Program program1(context, devices, binaries1);
          Kernel kernel(program1, "test"); // OK when using 'program' instead of 'program1'
          CommandQueue queue(context, devices[0], CL_QUEUE_PROFILING_ENABLE);
          Event event;
          queue.enqueueNDRangeKernel(kernel, NullRange, NDRange(1,1,1), NDRange(1,1,1), NULL, &event);


      Linux 64 bit. This was working fine on Catalyst 14.9.

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          Thanks for reporting this. It seems that clEnqueueNDRangeKernel crashes when it executes a device binary which contains any printf statement. The issue is also reproducible on other setups. A bug report has been filed against this issue. If I get any update, I'll share with you.



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            Here is the resolution of the above issue.

            On OCL1.2, printf is supported if a program is built from a source, but not if the program is built from a device binary. This is based on the design. This triggered the above crash. Though, a fix has been made to avoid the crash, however, nothing will be printed out because it’s not supported on OCL1.2. BTW, printf in a device binary is supported on OCL 2.0.

            Note: The Catalyst driver with the above fix is yet not publicly available and hope, it will be released soon.