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Witcher 3  Combat Crashes with AMD R9 285 x

Question asked by veseljak81 on May 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by daas88

First to explain the problem. The game randomly freezes and crashes when in combat (mostly happens the second I hit the monster with my sword or a sign). It is extremely random and but constantly occurring; I keep loading up the game just to fight again and pray I don't crash.


Now, I've tried every suggestion posted on the stickied thread and others sources. No solution yet.

I've ran several tests on every piece of hardware and everything comes back healthy, every time.

I've completely uninstalled drivers and reinstalled previous stable versions and the newest beta version to no avail.


When searching around the web about crashing during combat I see that there's always a R9 285 involved; I responded to this Reddit thread [with some minor spoilers]( where I linked to other people having this problem.


I'm not sure what to do know as I just keep getting this sour feeling whenever I crash amidst an awesome fight.


Have you heard of anyone else having this problem using another card?

What else do you think I can do in order to enjoy this game?




Windows 8.1 64-bit

AMD R9 285

fx 6300

8GB 1333Mhz



Another thread with several people with the same problem, I believe there's enough proof that there's a problem with this card. (