Witcher 3 crossfire 60% gpu utilisation (98% with AFR but horrible flicker)

Discussion created by rust on May 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by Cornugon

Hi, whats up with amd drivers in Witcher 3 on two AMD cards with Crossfire? i have settings on uber mostly just without aliasing. Fullscreen mode of course.



crossfireX on DEFAULT MODE  there are only 60% gpu utilisation with ocasional black terrain/shadows flicker and horrible hair wobbling with nvidia hair ON and like 25 fps (crossfire on?!)


crossfireX in AFR mode there are 98% gpu utilisation  but with horrible plain white portals flicker (propably from some smoke over terrain or mist ) some ground  textures stretched and 40-60 fps


crossfireX OFF MODE  there are NO problems with hair wobbling and NO black terrain/shadows flicker and NO white portals flicker and NO completely no fps... it's like 20...