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    What is the meaning of these error logs from the sample transcodeVq.exe?


      Hi, fellow,

           I got the following output and error logs when I tried the Media SDK sample transcodeVq.exe


      C:\Users\Administrator\AMD Media SDK\1.1\samples\mediaFoundation\transcodeVq\bin\x86\Debug_vs10>transcodeVq.exe -i a.avi -o a.asf -c config.cfg -l 1

      Reading user-specified configuration file: config.cfg

      Initialization successful


      WARNING: HW decoder not found, Using SW decoder.!!!

      Failed to build/load topology


      ERRORMESSAGE: ??????


      See the generated TranscodeVqErrorlog.txt file for more details.



      I've got 2 questions,

      1. Why 'HW decoder not found'? I am sure that I had downloaded and installed the latest driver for the card AMD HD7750. Isn't that so-called decoder inside driver?

      2.What does it mean by 'Failed to build/load topology'? What is the topology? Is it relevant to this sample?


      In the error file, TranscodeVqErrorlog.txt, I've only got one line, saying


      Failed to intantiate topology @ C:\Users\Administrator\AMD Media SDK\1.1\samples\mediaFoundation\transcodeVq\inc\TranscodeVqApi.h 149


      So poor the information it gives!


      Could anyone help me out?




      Brooks Li.