AMD crashs... Gpu-Z graphs for more details

Discussion created by hamdeath on May 22, 2015
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Hi everyone,

So lately my AMD radeon HD 7600M series started crashing a lot while playing games which lead to a black screen then a very low fps or laptop shut down. I play a lot with my laptop (for more than 18 months) and I never had this problem, it only started lately. I didn't install any new driver or anything.


After the crash happens if I start an other game (even for 1 second and close it right after), the game I was playing in the first place goes back to normal... until an other crash.


The first thing I tried was to format my laptop but it didn't solve it.

Then I tried to delete Google Chrome (because a windows specialist said it may cause the problem) and it solved it for like 2 days but the problem came back.


So i'm going to show what GPU-Z shows when the crash happens:

1/ First screen when i'm playing before the crash:



2/Second screen when crash happens:



1:the second when crash happens.

2: playing after the crash (with very low fps). (some times the laptop shut down)


3/Third screen is when I start an other game.



1: the second when crash happens.

2:started an other game(I closed it after like 5seconds).

3: an other crash after the game back to normal.


Thank you for helping

(maybe it's worth mentioning that the first time this problem happened was when I opened both Firefox and Chrome to use MIT application inventor 2... but the problem started with games after that by 1 or 2 months)