Where are the new drivers? The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt is out? Is that why I bought AMD over Nvidia?

Discussion created by ludogoretsrazgrad on May 22, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by Cornugon

Why is there no any new drivers? How can Nvidia release their drivers,2 weeks before a huge game is coming out,but AMD 2 weeks after,and sometimes never? AMD,why dont you put stickers on you're products,saying "Nvidia is better then AMD"  ? This way,people will know what to buy..  You AMD could only fix the Screen Tearing,with the newest Freesync technology,but of course we have to pay 500$ for a new monitor?  In Nvidia,except G-sync,we can solve in most cases the tearing,with Adaptive V-sync,but with AMD? nothing can solve it.. not even Radeonpro. I know only 1 program that can fix the screen tearing,but it works only on old PC GAMES, like Far Cry 3 and older,and that is D3DOvverider.  If I knew that AMD are so desperate,I would of never bought an AMD GPU,and if you don't start doing something about it,I will definitely get rid of my amd video card,and get myself an Nvidia. And don't say "AMD won't care about 1 guy".. you have to comply EVERYBODY.


Oh and one more thing.. STOP paying the gaming companies to increase the "System Requirements" in their newest games,so we can buy your newest Graphic Cards. This new game The Witcher 3 got the same graphics like AC4 Black Flag, and the requirements are farrr to high.