r9 290x higher heat uses lower voltage to stay stable

Discussion created by gentrycl on May 22, 2015
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using msi after burner and furmark


i added 100 mv to the core voltage kept the 1000mhz core clock and power play on


ran furmark the card heated up to 94c then started throttling down to 300 mhz until the fan spun up and started becoming stable at about 650-700 mhz


stopped furmark lowed the voltage started furmark again and the clock would become stable at a higher clock each time i repeated the process up until i got to -25 or so mv and it would be come unstable after that "when starting it from and idle"


that me noticed once the card was heated up that i could lower the voltage -100 mv as far as msi

afterburner would allow and it would maintain 1000 mhz stable


but would artifact with power play on due to the voltage needing to be a little more constant


turned power play off


got up to 94c and i was able to do what i said above and lower the voltage -100 mv and it held the 1000 mhz stable at 93c


it did throttle once until the fan speed picked up due to the fan curve being reset due to applying the lower voltage in msi afterburner


once i stopped furmark the card started to cool down it became unstable due to the -100 mv added to the 2d mode and black screened


one thing i forgot to mention i found this out due to my gpu black screening at -30 or so mv when it went into 3d mode and black screened unless the core was heated up


im going to try to heat the card up again and apply a higher clock with the same voltage

then if i need to adjust the voltage due to black screens ill post back my findings


i just ran heaven benchmark loop when i got to 90c i lowered it 60 mv was stable went to -80 mv

scene change usage dropped causing a temp drop and got a black screen


i did not change the core clock due to having to raise the voltage while it was cold which would probably result in a black screen i will try it later


i would change it when i get over 90c but i wanna try to make sure its not a bug in amd's temp reading code


i will also note that i was getting screen artifacts when i lowered the voltage until the temp started raising again


heres a quick pic of heaven in a window being ran i could of lowered the voltage more but max the loop could heat the core up to was 92c it was stable at 1000 mhz when the voltage was lower then in the pic

it was at 1.09 v when it was at 1000 mhz and throttled down when the voltage increased as seen in the pic


i would like to find out if im messing with one of amd's powerplay formulas or if i can adjust the voltage as the card heats up