1600 x 900 Reolution Not Working

Discussion created by gmeleski on May 21, 2015

I just installed a Radeon R9 270 in my computer.


I got it new on sale w / rebate for  $129.00.


The previous card was a Nvidia 750ti.


The Nvidia has no problem going to 1600 x 900. And just about every resolution in between.


The Radeon just flashes back and forth and finally reverts back to what I had it originally set at.


This is a i7 system with Win 7 64 bit.


I am running this to a 40" TCL TV / Monitor.


Like I said, the Nvidia had NO problems with that resolution.


Further, in some modes, the card has the "Scaling" greyed out, even though it seems I should be able to use it.


Additionally, the 1366 x 768 looks bad. Real bad in comparison to the Nvidia.


Anyone have any ideas about this?