AMD CCC has no performance tab,video and display settings

Discussion created by kiranhaardy2193 on May 21, 2015
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As you can see in the attached screenshot of my ccc i am missing options for video display color scaling etc..from the ccc

also.. in the system tray icon of ccc i only have intel hd 4000 shown...


what should i do????

i have already updated intel drivers and amddrivers from lenovo site.. :smileysad:

what is missing here :smileysad:


Link to picture/image


Link to picture/image


and the options in display settings is limited to this.....


Link to picture/image






and i guess this is what is expected to be shown...ryt???


Lenovo G500 windows 8.1x64
Amd radeon 8570/8500m 2gb ddr3
intel hd 4000 4gb ram 500gb hdd