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    amd a10-7300 extremely slow (gaming at even low settings)


      i have the acer aspire E 15 which has 8 gigs of ram and an amd a10-7300 apu and it runs terrible at anything i throw at it even at low settings at 1024x768, i get severe fps spikes in every game, i cant even play counter strike at 60fps.... my main pc runs it smoothly but thats because i built it myself.

      whats the crack, my old laptop from about 3 years ago is better than this. ive tried windows 7 and 8.1 pro.

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          Hey jarheadleeds,


          Sorry to hear you're having issues with your acer aspire. From your description it sounds like you aren't using your dedicated graphics (a10-7300-R6 series) card by default, more than likely due to Windows/System power saving features. This is a common issue but, tends to be resolved fairly easily by one of the following steps.


          • Ensure Windows power settings are set to always use maximum power/high performance.
          • Ensure Acer epower management power settings are also the same as the above resolution
          • Ensure global settings in Catalyst Control Center to always use maximum power/high performance
          • Manually add the games that aren't working to the 3D settings profiles within Catalyst Control Center
          • Ensure you have the currently available graphics card drivers for your system


          Attempt the above resolutions and if you are still encountering issues, I'll continue to attempt to assist you in resolving the issue. If this does resolve your issues, please respond as well so others will have a resolution available, thanks.



          Good luck and have a nice day.