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Discussion created by jtrudeau on May 20, 2015
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Hey everyone, wanted to pass on an update.


1: Abuse report

We had an "abuse" report, for spam. Perfectly valid. Unfortunately, the instant I deleted the spam I lost the name of the person reporting, but THANK YOU whoever you are.


FYI: This particular post had either been there a while unnoticed, or reappeared because of a glitch in the migration. Either way, it's dead Jim.


2: Moderation problems

I am still not 100% sure we have this nailed. I just approved a message that was time stamped AFTER the fix went in, and it had links. So I'm a little concerned. (There was another, but so close to when I made the fix that it's not a solid proof point.)


I'll check one more time this evening, and then we'll see what's in the cue in the morning. Hopefully nothing. What I can report is... the number of moderation requests I was getting sank to just that, one all afternoon. There were easily 10-20 this morning. Y'all were driving me crazy!


EDIT: it's the next morning, all is well. I think we killed the beast. With apologies to our vegetarian friends..... BARBECUE!