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3 monitors 1xDP>DVI, 2xDVI with smaller sizes, can't line up Eyefinity in fit mode

Question asked by greeba on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by gabenberg

I've tried to follow advice I've found on this forum but I still can't get my Eyefinity desktop to line up properly.




  • AMD R9 270x
  • Middle monitor: Active Displayport adaptor, DVI cable. Samsung Syncmaster with 1680x1050 resolution
  • Side monitors: DVI cables, Dell 1707FP, 1280x1024 max resolutions, display height about an inch lower


Eyefinity desktop set up: 3x1, 4240x1024, aligned all to top, fit mode


I think the fit mode is now working, as I get a half inch at the bottom of the middle display that isn't used. However this doesn't align with the side monitors because they are physically not the same height, and the 26 disused lines on the middle monitor aren't the right height to line the other two up.


Is there some way to make the black bar on the middle monitor bigger/ to select the right resolution that will convince them all to line up? The image for 'fit' mode in the Catalyst control center implies this is possible, but so far no joy.


Questions/ factors:


-is this only possible with monitors of the same aspect ratio?

-Did I fail to buy a decent active DP>DVI adaptor (I got an unbranded one on eBay for £8.99)? I thought it was a total dud at first but I do get a black bar, so I'm not sure this isn't just a monitor dimension problem now...