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trouble getting ACML fftw wrapper working

Question asked by gpgpucoder on May 19, 2015
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I'm having trouble getting the ACML fftw wrapper working. I've linked ACML into a Windows 64-bit project today in VStudio 2012 with the intent of trying the FFTW wrappers on GPU.


The returned plan from fftw_plan_dft_r2c_2d seems to return zero. Subsequent fftw_execute gives me a crash in acml_bridge.  I had put all the DLLs including the ACML and libfftw-3.3.4.dll \ libfftwf-3.3.4.dll into c:\mydlls and added that to my PATH. So the program loads ok but doesn't work right.


What might I be doing wrong?


edited in minor tidbits:

1) also had meant to ask, are there not to be 32-bit versions of acml? It seems it was dropped at some point. But I can't easily find any notes about that.

2) Below URL in the  ACML package "ViewKnowledgeBase.url" gives "404 Ooops! Page not found":