Discussion created by markus88 on May 19, 2015
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Please delete this if i am wrong in any way!

I find this whole website extremely confusing, but pardon me, im a developer.

Honestly, who is thinking about this? There is absolutely no way for a normal person to understand even the most simple parts of it.


- The translations are completely wrong

- The main page (as well as community) does get rendered wrong on my screen (firefox, im a proud R9 290 owner btw.)

- Is this a comment section or a kind of forum? Whats with all these weird functions nobody ever would need? Took me like 15 minutes to get here.

At this point i dont even know if this will appear on the page which stated "Start Discussion"


Anyway, im a very big fan of the AMD graphics sector.

Please simplify the possibilities to a level which does cover the usualy 99%, without confusing even developers.