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      Please delete this if i am wrong in any way!

      I find this whole website extremely confusing, but pardon me, im a developer.

      Honestly, who is thinking about this? There is absolutely no way for a normal person to understand even the most simple parts of it.


      - The translations are completely wrong

      - The main page (as well as community) does get rendered wrong on my screen (firefox, im a proud R9 290 owner btw.)

      - Is this a comment section or a kind of forum? Whats with all these weird functions nobody ever would need? Took me like 15 minutes to get here.

      At this point i dont even know if this will appear on the page which stated "Start Discussion"


      Anyway, im a very big fan of the AMD graphics sector.

      Please simplify the possibilities to a level which does cover the usualy 99%, without confusing even developers.

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          I personally didn't have any problems with the website. But I did choose to take the survey and almost all questions except for a few were about website layout and content, so maybe you're not the first person to feel this way because most of the question on the survey were about improvements to the site and what the website community would like to see improved and what they disliked.

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            Hmm I render fine on my work PC. Old intel CPU, Chrome 32bit.


            It's a mix of both I guess.

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              I find that some aspects of the website are a little difficult such as finding different forums or sub forums and the website seems really slow but this is probably due to the website being updated and fixed so I'm not complaining just give it time and the issues will be ironed out.

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                Hello Markus (everyone).


                We're not going to delete your post since your feedback is valuable to us. In fact, the more feedback and/or comments of this type the better . Overtime, I hope that more and more community members will get familiar with the interface and features of this platform. Meanwhile, we will do our best to improve the overall ux the best way we can - it will take some time but we will get there.

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                  I can handle it a little better meanwhile


                  But without a doubt it's the usual known problem of developers/managers to "plan and grow with a project", which in return leads to an extremely detailled platform, barely understandable for anyone who is new to the system. The term "learning curve" should not exist (or only initial, based on common standards) in a use-case for a community portal.


                  Nevertheless, the range of functions is still impressive

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                      I agree with you 100% Markus.


                      The more intuitive, accessible, user-friendly the better. I'm not a developer, yet I've been part of numerous web-related projects in my career and have experienced exactly what you've described.

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                      I joined the community today so far did not face any difficulty, still lots of browsing to do for me

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                        just join not long ago as well, but i did encounter some issue with the layout, kind of confusing to me too

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                          I joined and am browsing easily enough, though it is a bit confusing how to join the red team. Maybe I just don't know the secret handshake.

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                            Yeah it takes a bit to get use to , however it is a lot better than the first AMD Fan community page. You can easier interact with the other users better.  I'm sure they will take feedback and change things here and there to iron it all out