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    R9 280 X audio stopped working on HDMI


      I have a XFX R9 280X 3GB video card. Until yesterday the audio was working through HDMI port. It has now stopped working. No splats on any devices. The devices all show as working properly but no audio. I have tried uninstalling/re-installing the drivers/software for the card and deleting the device from device manager then re-installing. I have tried different ports on my LCD which I am using as my monitor. I have tried rolling back the OS to a restore point prior to this issue occurring, no luck with any of those. has anyone else had a similar experience and if so how did you resolve it?


      Windows 7 Ultimate x64

      XFX R9 280X

      16GB DDR4 1600

      AMD FX 4Ghz 8 Core

      Gigabyte 99FXA - UD3 motherboard

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          the only time i had this problem is when the hdmi audio driver was not installed....make sure that is installed should be able to install only it when installing catalyst

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              I actually discovered the fix! I had already tried uninstalling/reinstalling the device and software (both from in and out of Safe mode), trying different HDMI ports on the monitor, different cables (because hey you never know). The device always showed as installed and there were no splats in Device Manager. It was very frustrating...


              Here is how I fixed it.


              I shutdown the PC. Connected a different monitor to the DVI port on the video card and booted up. I then updated the drivers for the display in Device manager and at the same time deleted the High Definition audio driver and software from Device manager. I then shutdown again. I disconnected the new monitor from the PC and booted up. After I was sure I was completely booted up I connected my LCD display back to the PC using HDMI. When I logged in I once again had sound. I have no idea why this worked but it did!