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    R9 290 Tri-X, ONE of THREE fans going full speed, hypersensitive to temperature change


      Hello guys,


      please help me out with this issue with my Sapphire R9 290 OC Tri-X graphics card. First check out this video.


      So yeah, after the PC has been running for a few minutes (around 15) (without any significant strain on the GPU, surfing, watching Series) that single fan starts going very loud. If I shut down the system for 5min and boot it back up again, that single fan goes ham instantly. It seems that it is super-hyper sensibile to the temperature-fan speed curve because the other two fans are pretty chilled out.


      It seems to be a low-level software or hardware problem, because this happens before any drivers are loaded.


      It's even funnier. Today, at a "idle" situation, the GPU core temperature was 43°C, the fans were at 27% and that single fan was going CRAAAZY. Now, after playing The Witcher 3 for 1 hour (100%GPU Usage, 80°C GPU Temp) I am back in Windows, idle, temperature is 52°C, fan speed is 30% and that single fan is quiet. I do not hear the annoying whine. I checked the fans out visually and the trouble fan seems to go just a tad faster than the other two. This is really, really inconsistent and weird and I am totally confused on what's going on there.


      Hardware: i5-2500K at 4.3 GHz, antec true power 550w, Z86 Pro3 Gen3 MB, 8GB of Ram, freshly installed Windows 8.1, GPU driver is the "GTA V optimized beta driver". The GPU is slightly overclocked with MSI Afterburner to 1100/1400, +20% power and a slight voltage boost, but the problem persists on stock clocks as well.



      I would welcome any ideas. Do I have to RMA the card? :-/


      Thank you very much!


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