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    This look right for a 290X?


      Yes I know 3DMark is a meaningless program for which they sell ad space and then have the gall to charge people if they want to actually use the program (and still see the ads), but it seems low to me.



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          I've got two 290x and an fx8350 with 16GB 2133MHz DDR3. I get in the middle of 12,000 on fire strike. stock clocks on everything.

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            Looks about right to me. My scores were similar with one R9 290X and an FX-8350.

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              Hey black_zion,


              If you could elaborate a bit further as to your cpu/gpu configurations, it would be most helpful. Are they both at running at stock speeds or have you ventured into any overclocking as of yet? If both are running at stock then, yes! Your score is most definitely just about where it should be. You could easily bump that FireStrike score up to 9,300+ with a bit of overclocking on both the Gpu and Cpu but, not much beyond that due to the physics score holding you back via the FX8350. Great performing cpu for it's price though. I have my FX8320 overclocked to 4.8Ghz and it serves me well.


              Anyways, if you're looking to obtain a higher score and ever need any assistance at any time, feel free to contact me either here or on Steam at the following location below.


              Have a nice day.


              Steam Community :: [R] LordHelmet .

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