Welcome back!

Discussion created by jtrudeau on May 18, 2015

Obviously we are live. We are still dealing with a couple of hiccups, but most of that should be invisible to you. If you see something that's not behaving as you expect, let me know and we'll look into it. We may need to fix something, or perhaps change your expectation.


For those of you who have been here a while, you'll notice a few things have changed, but not much. Obviously, your same login still works.


Moderation has gone away

YAY! Your posts now appear instantly. Except for the Newcomers Start Here forum. That's where we'll make sure new members are real, and not someone trying to sell you a time-share or teak furniture.


Getting to DevGurus while on the site

In the very top menu there is a Communities item. Click, pick Developers. You're back in the top level DevGurus forum


URL Change

Update your bookmarks. We are part of community.amd.com. If you bookmarked a particular forum, the bookmark won't work any more (because of the hierarchy change). You'll get a "page can't be found" message. Bookmarks to particular topics and threads should work transparently.



We are now part of a larger community. We merged the old forums.amd.com/games/ and the AMD corporate blogging space into the community. What that means for you is... you can go direct to the consumer support forums for questions or help with drivers, installation problems, game compatibility, etc. Single log in, single password. We are also building communities devoted to gaming, and the Red Team. You may want to check 'em out.


Forum Hierarchy

Two small changes.

1: The old About the Forum forum is now DevGurus and will be the top level forum. All "real" forums are subforums to DevGurus. DevGurus is where we will have introductory material, help information, and so on. It makes sense to have that at the top.


2: Three library forums are now one: clMath, Bolt, and ACML. The new one is AMD Compute Libraries.


There will be other changes coming as we take advantage of this new home. If you have ideas or suggestions, my ears are open.