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    Merging users


      I was registered at both http://devgurus.amd.com/ and http://forums.amd.com/game/ forums. Is it possible to merge these two corresponding to me users inside new https://community.amd.com/ forum?


      Regards, Natalia

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          natasha  Welcome to our new home. There was no way to effectively merge accounts, because the forums were on completely different infrastructure. So accounts from forums.amd.com did not move over. Content did, but not accounts. All the content that moved from there now appears as coming from "AMD User."


          DevGurus accounts DID migrate. For those people who had accounts in both places, you can use your DevGurus login and password to access the entire AMD community. So the end result is effectively what you were asking for - a single account to access everything.


          I also made sure you are white listed in the developer forums, so you can post and interact in that community without waiting for approval/moderation.