We have a new home - Where's My Cheese?

Discussion created by jtrudeau on May 16, 2015

We have upgraded to a new version of our infrastructure. 


All of the developer forums are now sub-forums of DevGurus. DevGurus is a "parent" or wrapper. This is also where we have discussions about DevGurus itself (ooohhhh, recursion).  If you have a question, concern, or suggestion about the DevGurus area, post it in the DevGurus forum.


Whitelisted developers can post anywhere.


To create a topic, click the Actions item toward the right in the top menu. Then click Discussion.


If you don't see these items, then you can't post a topic. Perhaps you aren't logged in, or you're a newcomer and you are in a forum where you aren't allowed to post. If you are a newcomer and you want to create a topic, go to the Newcomers Start Here forum.


To get from forum to forum, just click the one you want in the list to the right on every forum's Overview page.


Each overview page shows you some selected recent content. To see all the content, click the Content link in the top menu. 


Click the Overview link to get back to the Overview page where you can navigate among the forums.


If you're lost and need help, let us know by posting a question.