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    directx 12


      I have been tracking DirectX 12 and come the 20th next week, I am expecting Microsoft will make everyone's video card obsolete again.


      Not to worry, any 28nm card will still be in the game a good while to come

      older card's days are numbered


        • directx 12
          I think everyone remembers how slow DirectX 10 adoption was (and still is, as even some new games are DirectX 9 based), so there's nothing to say that if DirectX 12 is Windows 8.1 (or 8.1 Upgrade 1) exclusive that developers will take the time to code for it.
            • directx 12

              back when I was using this box I had DirectX 10 available

              the 8600 gt had 32 CUDA cores, which is not very powerful compared to the GTX 660 Ti I am using now

              that card is shader 4 compatible but had only 256 MB of VRAM which limited its ability beyond 1280x1024 panels

              that card and the motherboard are both dead thanks to dodgy drivers