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    HD 5450 recognized as mobile


      here we have it

      so much for using a desktop card with a passive cooler, which I grabbed for use in a server


        • HD 5450 recognized as mobile

          Downloaded the new beta driver yesterday. Machine would not boot.

          So now the box has Windows 8.1 on it and while the Athlon is sweating hard, the 8 GB of RAM makes the box run well.

          Obviously the HD 5450 is useless for games, but I own two GTX 260s and a GTX 660 Ti so I have options.

          Mostly this machine is using Windows server instead of desktop Windows.

          Still its handy to test AMD drivers out on. I have one benchmark, the Cryostasis PhysX one which works on AMD. Its DX 10 but it still loads cards hard today.

          Maybe 20nm cards will be enough to play Crysis 3 faster.

          My panel is 1920x1080 so its demanding when using the HD 5450 or even a GTX 260.