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    AMD uninstall utility is back


      Looks like AMD has a new Uninstall utility that supports the latest OS. The previous utility was pulled as it would not work with Win 8.


        • AMD uninstall utility is back
          Why the hell does AMD think USB, chipset, and RAID drivers should be lumped together with graphics drivers is beyond me...There are legitimate reasons when you need to uninstall graphics drivers to roll back to a previous version, such as when you upgrade to a newer version and there is a problem stated as resolved in a game or application you use, only to find out it breaks another application or has other unintended consequences, such as overall stability, which are not stated in the known issues. But the only time you should have to uninstall the rest is when you are switching motherboards to Intel, but it is recommended to reinstall the OS in this case. 

          I'm sure there's a joke somewhere about a guy who can design a GPU but can't understand people who use Windows For Dummies...