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    buy/sell radeon cards


      Due to mining of bitcoins etc  al, I am now no longer very interested in AMD video cards for the shop

      I believe mining is 10-100x more abusive of a video card, so what is left?

      I know how to repair the thermal interface material but that takes over an hour to do it right


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          If it takes you an hour to change the TIM on a graphics card either your name is James May or you need to go to the neurologist to find out why you cannot move at the speed of everyone else. Even on a dual GPU card packed with dust it shouldn't take you longer than half an hour.
            • buy/sell radeon cards

              Right now I am aware that EVGA, my current video card vendor does not dishonor a RMA for replacing the TIM.

              my old gtx 260s however are past their best before date and are not even worth sending back

              the gtx 660 ti is faster

              i noticed a lot of radeon cards on ebay at the top of the range cheaper than one generation older geforce cards

              been pondering a redeon to see if its any more worse than geforce has been