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    14.4 driver install


      After reading all the posts on the 14.4 driver update issues,I thought I would update mine and see how it works out.

      #1,I dont use or believe in Registry cleaners,so I dont use them,ever.

      I uninstalled the 14.1's I had through programs and features in control panel.Through "AMD Catalyst install manager" custom.Removed only CCC and driver.

      Reinstalled the 14.4's the same way,"custom" CCC and driver.

      I had 0 issues and all went as it always does.

      Then I  did some benchmarks and played a few rounds of BF4,everything worked like a charm.I did not check My FPS on BF4 yet,but on ultra with mantle/DX I have 0 issues and very smooth.

      Here are the benchmarks I did.Using the Free versions and settings as high as they allow.With Crossfire enabled and off.