SilverStone reveals pumpless liquid cooler at Computex

Discussion created by black_zion on Jun 10, 2014

SilverStone showed its new TD04 pumpless liquid cooler at Computex 2014. This unit is a 240 mm water cooling unit that plainly doesn't have a pump. The only parts include the water block, clear tubing, radiator, and the fans. The unit is filled not with water, but with a liquid with a very low evaporation point. As a result, it feels cool to the touch, yet the water keeps bubbling inside the loop, which looks quite magical. SilverStone won't reveal what liquid the unit is filled with.</end quote></div>

Seems to me they took one of those "love detector" toys, which is filled with an alcohol so it boils by using the heat of your hand, and said "You know what? This would work as a CPU cooler..."