The proper procedure for using the AMD Clean Uninstall Tool

Discussion created by black_zion on May 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by backFireX64
The program works as AMD intended, however they made one large mistake: after cleaning it tells you your computer must be restarted. Presumably this was a throwback to older OSs which couldn't modify/remove files currently in use. This causes large problems because it also removes the AMD AHCI, RAID, and USB drivers, which causes an inability to boot situation. However Windows 7 and 8 cam. So, the proper procedure is as follows:

--> Download the new driver set
--> Download the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility
--> Run the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility
--> Install the new driver set, taking care to untick AMD Gaming Evolved App/Raptr
--> NOW restart the computer

Remember that driver cleaning utilities should not be used unless you are experiencing problems, and you should ALWAYS have System Restore enabled, just set its maximum size to 1%. You're not going to reduce the life of your SSD, they are rated for, at the very minimum (cheapest drive, crappy firmware, no cells in reserve), 10 years of life at 100% erase and write per day, which just isn't going to happen unless you're running a server.