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    yet another overclocking thread


      my old phenom ii x4 965 be definitely has been a good processor, not sure where media get their opinions from, mind you most of them are not me, with 4 times MVP on the wall

      a while ago I bought the cooler master 212 evo, but not for the reason most do, i was not suffering from overheating, noise was the motivating factor

      the OEM fan is small so it has to work hard to keep the CPU cool

      now i noticed my cpu runs much hotter with 200x20 for 4.0 GHz than it does with the RAM overclocked to DDR-1866 and the multiplier backed down to 17

      generally the overall speed seems to be the same, so anyone explain why the CPU runs so hot one way and not the other

      200x20 is around 75C while 235x17 is 60C