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    internal cpu temperture


      i was wondering if there is any program that can measure my cpu internal temperature as opposed to the thermister on the motherboad below

        • internal cpu temperture
          ASUS PC Probe and AIDA.
            • internal cpu temperture

              The reason I inquired, is to be more clear about my CPU

              idle its cool at 35C but saturated it can get over 60C and even more

              i have seen with AMD software the CPU at 95C with the overdrive tool

              so the box did not BSOD on me at 95C so I am not too hinked up with my CPU at 75C when loaded hard

              the OEM fan works ok but the CPU was hot as hell and the fan would howl

              so I bought the Hyper 212 Evo which is a lot less noise and the CPU is somewhat cooler with it

              I was not sure what I was looking at, all I really care is that the box runs