physx and the hd 6970

Discussion created by hardcoregames™ on Nov 3, 2014

I had to copy PhysXLoader.dll to the game folder to get Metro 2033 to work. Metro Last Ligfht works fine, this DLL is already in the game folder.

Crysis 1is showing the same problem as I saw with NVIDIA lately

artifacts with Crysis Warhead are gone, not sure if that is a game defect or a driver defect that leads to the artifacting in the distance with the benchmark or gameplay

in the old days a lot of common DLL files were tossed into the Windows folder, that does not happen now in favor of other solutions

I found the PhysXLoader.dll easil all over my disk so copying the file was easy.

I will be changing all game reviews with problems like this and how I fixed it

Crysis 2 and Warhead also come up underscanned, not sure how to fix them