Super Sampling on DX10/11

Discussion created by Cornugon on Nov 6, 2014

Dear fellers,

A graphics driver released a few years back enabled Super Sampling and Adaptive Anti Aliasing to be enabled through the Control Center for DX10 and DX11 applications, but just for the HD7900-series of graphic cards. The release notes mentioned it was 'at a preview stage', and games (like with most DX9 applications) have to natively support (Multi Sampling) Anti-Aliasing.

However forcing Super Sampling from the Control Panel doesn't work on my R9 290X with DX11 games which support MSAA (I didn't test it on the original Crysis though). Does this mean the DX10/11 SSAA has been abandoned? Or that it still only works on HD7900-cards? Or that I've been testing the wrong games (like Crysis 3 and The Bureau).

Seeing the recent hype on Downsampling I was just wondering this. Since Supersampling essentially does a very similar thing like Downsampling and appears to be somewhat less demanding.