AMD to enable VSR for R7 260 and above cards in Q1 2015

Discussion created by black_zion on Dec 12, 2014
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According to TechReport and PC World

AMD says it plans to add support for Radeon R-series cards from the R7 260 up, but only in a "phase 2" driver due in January or February 2015. The company says adding support for those lower-end cards requires it to "explore a new implementation vs. what's in Omega," which will "take additional time" - hence the delay.</end quote></div>

The first iteration of Virtual Super Resolution requires scaler hardware found only in a handful of graphics cards: The R9 285, R9 290, R9 290X, and dual-GPU R9 295X2. Sure, the price of Radeon cards has plummeted recently, but those models are still on the beefy end of the spectrum. Fear not, budget gamers! AMD hopes to release a driver that enables VSR in the rest of the R-series lineup using software tricks sometime in early 2015 - which, admittedly, takes some of the shine off Catalyst Omega's "ONE DRIVER PER YEAR!" pitch.</end quote></div>

The downside to most of the R series being rebranded HD 7000 series cards.