14.12 Omega drivers

Discussion created by kingfish on Dec 15, 2014

Most issues with installing these drivers are:

1. Not updating OS through Windows Update

2. Not removing (and hiding) the Microsoft KB 3004394 update

    (fixed by Micro$oft with new patch)

3. Downloading/attempting to install a incorrect version

    There are four (4) versions Win7 32&64bit Windows 8.1 32&64bit

4. Not completely removing old drivers

   The specified item was not found.

5. Attempting to install the AMD drivers on a laptop with 'switchable' graphics

6. Not disabling anti-virus/malware programs and firewalls while installing/uninstalling


If you are having any problems installing or after installing these new (or any) drivers.....completely uninstall "Gaming Evolved"/'raptr' before trying to install the new drivers. This will not be removed by DDU.

Removing this is not a easy thing. First go to control   panel>remove a program> and uninstall Gaming Evolved. Next, use   regedit and 'search for all instances of raptr''...there will be   several. Delete them all. Now when you use "Custom Install" for the new   drivers you will see Gaming Evolved listed....uncheck it if you do not want raptr installed....leave   it checked if you do want it installed. If you can't 'uncheck' it..and   it says it's "already installed and up to date" then you didn't   uninstall it correctly/completely. Go back to regedit and search for '   raptor' again.

 This does not "fix" your driver problem...after uninstalling the gaming Evolved/Raptr mess, you then have to reinstall the driver suite using the same uninstall/install method.