DirectX 12 vs DirectX 11 Performance Slides

Discussion created by kingfish on Dec 17, 2014


Windows 10 will be coming with DirectX 12.  DirectX 12 is the  first version of DirectX that really uses multiple processors cores more  effectively in term getting that render latency down. Two slides  indicating exactly that have just leaked onto the web.


Bottom line: In DirectX 11 this frame took almost 9ms to render.  In  DirectX 12, it took about 4ms as a website called Little Tiny Frogs  reported (Brad Wardell is the website woner and the founder of Stardock). Here is a CC directly from LTF:


Now, how much real world improvement you get depends heavily on both  the developer and the game. But the reason we’re all getting so excited  is that DirectX 12 should be the biggest performance bump for those who  utilize it we’ve ever seen."'