AMD to add Dynamic Frame Rate Control to Catalyst "soon"

Discussion created by black_zion on Dec 18, 2014,28244.html

The feature will likely have a slider to adjust the target frame rate. Add all this information together, and it's clear that DFRC is an extension of the AMD PowerTune feature, which dynamically adjusts the GPU frequency to match temperature, fan speed and power consumption targets.

Say you have a game that runs at 150 FPS under normal circumstances, but you have only a 60 Hz screen; you'll be wasting a lot of these generated frames. Therefore, setting the framerate target to 60 FPS would allow the GPU to run at much lower frequencies, saving power and reducing the heat output.

You may wonder what the point is at 60 Hz because you can just enable V-Sync, but you'd be surprised. Enabling V-Sync doesn't actually make the GPU scale its frequency to what's necessary to achieve 60 FPS, meaning you don't get all of the power savings.</end quote></div>

Sounds like a good alternative to Vsync to me, especially in games in which Vsync causes negative issues.