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    Fx 9590 should I?


      I am considering buying a 9590 for an up coming build. I am rather new to the build your own world and so would like some input. It is my intent to build a real monster. I have heard several folks saying the 9590 is over kill and must have a water cooler but I want to hear from other amd junkies

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          It depends on how comfortable with overclocking. If you are then you can get the FX-8350 and get it to 4.6ghz with little problem or possibly even 4.7 like the 9590 while using less voltage and producing less heat. It requires a liquid cooler, I prefer the Corsair H105, as it is able to keep my 8350 at 4.6ghz at 1.392v below 45°C during gaming. The FX-8350 can also run on less expensive motherboards, and is $60 cheaper than the FX-9590.
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            I like you have recently Built a 9590 Monster,


            i can t advise but i can give you my personal experienced opinion,

            If you want to buy a 9590 and overclock it then save your cash, its a demon to overclock, even the latest bios on the sabertooth 990fx r2.0 motherboard will muddle it up for you,

            go into bios and select performance mode, this in itself causes freezes, after painstakingly scouring the net and all sorts of solutions to problems i dont really have, ie cooling, ie voltage etc and so on, i have finally discovered a way to live in peace and harmony with my beast..


            bios is on normal mode and processor runs quite happily at 4.7 ish ghz.

            put under load and it fires itself into 5.09 ghz quite comfortably without freeze or error,


            if you do want to overclock then probably go with the FX 8350, it has masses of potential and has no where near the power usage and heat the 9590 experiences..

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                On my build, no problems with power usage or heat.  Critics exaggerated or didn't know how to config or cool their build.

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                    I'm having issues with my 9590 freezing. I've been on several message boards, talked to people, and scoured the web for the last 3 months and I've concluded that it's a crap shoot on whether your system will run with this processor. Half of the folks have issues and the other folks act like they don't know why people are having problems because theirs runs fine. I'm beginning to think it has something to do with how the mobo and CPU work together and that the problem is tolerance of some sort. I believe that the 9590 is so tightly wound and on the edge that any little think that is not right with the mobo hardware will throw it into a spin. Anyway, that is my 2 cents. I'll know more when I get my replacement 9590 from the RMA I completed. If I can't get it to work then I'd already decided to get a 8350 which will be the third processor I've purchased since I bought a 4350 to test if the 9590 was the problem with my machine.

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                        The first issue with using a FX-9590 or any FX-9xxx CPU is that a special mobo is required that can provide sufficient power for these 220w CPUs. You will see many people who never confirmed that their mobo is certified by the mobo company to run a FX-9xxx CPU. With insufficient power it's no surprise the CPU is unstable or won't run at all. If you have a capable mobo you also typically need a BIOS update to properly recognize the CPU and set the mobo settings correctly for boot. Usually after obtaining a proper mobo for the FX-9xxx series CPUs, a proper cooler is required as all of the FX 8-core CPUs produce a lot of thermal load. The top tower coolers work fine on these CPUs if properly installed. Make sure that the BIOS fan settings are at 100% as they often are not by default. Once you have this much working well it's good to check the CPU voltage under load to be sure it isn't being over-volted which can cause CPU overheating. The LLC BIOS options should allow you to adjust the CPU voltage so it's proper at idle as well as under full load. Some mobo VRM designs are simply not up to the task of handling an FX 8-core CPU or require additional fan cooling. P95 or similar stability tests will help sort out the various BIOS options for best system performance and stability. It takes a fair bit of work and knowledge to build a reliable PC, especially when using an 8-core FX CPU.

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                    Just on principle I would not use a power pig CPU like the FX 9000 models


                    I would rather wait for the 14nm lines to firm up and get a much less power hungry CPU with 8 solid cores and lots of L3


                    For a desktop, I prefer not to have on die graphics, high bandwidth memory is fine as long as its static RAM for a L4 cache as I would rather have 128GB or more main memory


                    SSD products are starting to wake up and move away from the crap the industry has been peddling but it required a new way to look at the problem