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      I am using a HDMI cable from my HD 6970 to my PA238QR and PowerDVD 11 reports that this is not HDCP compliant, what gives?

      Do I need to use a different port/adapater or what?

      hard to watch BD disks when the player chokes


        • HDCP

          Have you tried reinstalling the software Vegan ?

          Either that, or it is a specific driver bug. Test on previous versions to eliminate that possibility.

          It may also be that the powerdvd software version you use is already outdated and unsupported by latest blu-rays or amd drivers.

          May i suggest an alternative ? Use Media Player Classic with k-lite codec pack (use madvr renderer with LAV filters) and "AnyDVD" software. Should get you same visual and audio quality if configured properly.