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    Windows 10 and AMD graphics


      General question

      Q: Which AMD products are supported in the Windows® 10 technical preview?

      A: All AMD processors are compatible with the Windows® 10 technical preview. In addition, all DirectX® 9-compatible (or higher) accelerated processing units and AMD Radeon™ graphics cards are supported in the Windows® 10 technical preview. Specific legacy products (e.g., AMD Radeon™ HD 4000 series) may require use of the “in-box” driver provided by Microsoft® with the Windows® 10 installation.

      Q: Which graphics driver should I use for my AMD Radeon™ GPU or AMD APU?

      A: Microsoft has indicated that updated device drivers are not required at this time, as existing device drivers are compatible with the Windows® 10 technical preview. AMD Radeon™ graphics and accelerated processing unit customers should use AMD Catalyst™ 14.9 WHQL (or newer).

      Q: Are AMD Radeon™ GPUs or AMD APUs compatible with the DirectX® 12 Early Access program?

      A: AMD expects the DirectX® 12 API specification to rapidly evolve prior to its final release in 2015. AMD is presently targeting its driver development resources at a future, more mature milestone build of the API. This development target will ensure that AMD’s public DirectX® 12-ready driver is built around the code consumers are expected to have in 2015.

      Q: What AMD Radeon™ GPUs or AMD APUs will be compatible with DirectX® 12?

      A: When paired with a DirectX® 12-ready graphics driver, the following GPUs will be compatible with DirectX® 12: AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 series, HD 7000M series, HD 8000 series, HD 8000M series, R9 series and R7 series. AMD A-series APUs based on the Graphics Core Next architecture will also be compatible with DirectX® 12 when paired with a DirectX® 12-ready graphics driver.

      Q: When will the next version of Windows be made generally available?

      A: At a recent press event Microsoft stated that Windows 10® would be available “mid 2015.”




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        • Re: Windows 10 and AMD graphics

          How do I find out if a certain graphics card will be supported in Windows 10?  For Example AMD Radeon HD 6520G or AMD Radeon HD 7520G.

          • Re: Windows 10 and AMD graphics

            My stomach is a little tied up in knots over this, I have a feeling my AMD processor will not be compatible with Windows 10. My computer is only three years old. I have the AMD A6-3620 APU with the AMD Radeon HD 6530D graphics card.


            My computer originally came with Windows 7 Home Edition installed then I updated it to Windows 8 Pro with Windows Media Center and then again I updated to Windows 8.1 Pro with Windows Media Center. Last night I wanted to clean things up so I did a complete reinstall and I am now with Windows 8.1 Pro.


            I did a search for "Windows 10" here and read all those posts I could find. I am not too worried about whether or not my graphics card will be compatible since what I have read here is that most everything will have a driver update by the time Windows 10 is here.


            My concern is my AMD processor - AMD A6-3620.   An MVP in the Microsoft Community forums had mentioned, "Your processor (CPU) must support the following extensions: SSE2, NX, PAE"   From what I can see on that AMD page, mine only has the SSE2, no mention of the other two extensions.


            I want this Windows 10 so badly, but I dread I won't make the final cut. I have the KB3035583 Windows Update, I have the GWX folder and scheduled task, I typed in various commands into the CMD window that I read from other websites and got the "Success" message, I even left my computer on for days without my nightly shutdown and I can't for the life of me get that Windows 10 pop-up notification. Not even when I force the GWXConfigManager.exe to run manually instead of waiting for the scheduled task to come and go without popup.


            The way the Microsoft webpages mention this "Get Windows 10" app is that Microsoft is pushing it out to all qualified systems. The fact I haven't gotten that pop up yet even though everything else seems to be in place, and from that AMD page showing my APU only supports the SSE2 and no mention of the others makes me think I won't be eligible for this update.


            Is anyone able to confirm my worst suspicions for me? Am I one of the few who missed the "wide net" Microsoft is casting to get everyone updated; did I fall through the cracks?



            Thank you.



              • Re: Windows 10 and AMD graphics

                Not to worry yet grasshoppa...it seems that only users of Windows 7 are getting that message. None of my Windows 8.1 computers have it. Your problem is going to be DX12, which is shipping with Windows 10 as the 6xxx series is not supported . If you want to start preparing for Windows 10, reinstall Windows 7 and let Micro$oft start preparing.

                  • Re: Windows 10 and AMD graphics

                    I thought about re-doing it to Windows 7 Home Edition after you posted your reply to me (before the edit you did) but I don't think my manually created restore discs for Windows 7 will work; I don't think it will overwrite Windows 8.1.  The way I was able to do a reinstall of Windows last night was to use the Windows 8 disc I bought from the store when Windows 8 released completely skipping over the need to restart at Windows 7. That installation disc doesn't care if I have an updated version of the operating system (8.1), I think the Windows 7 one does though. I don't know, maybe I am confusing it with past versions of Windows (XP, Vista etc) that wouldn't let you put a smaller version over a higher version.


                    I will be bummed about not having DirectX 12 of course since I hear it's supposed to be so much better but none of the games I play now use it, even Camelot Unchained which is in the works now and I am looking forward to playing - I don't think they are using DirectX 12 or plan to.  /shrug


                    All I care about is whether or not my computer can have Windows 10 or not, I'll play old games for the rest of my life if that's what it takes (doing without DirectX 12); I just want Windows 10!


                    Thanks for your reply.



                      • Re: Windows 10 and AMD graphics

                        I don't think it will hurt to try reinstalling W7 with your install disks. Worst that can happen is it says it can't. Or, you could buy a restore disk from the computer manufacturer or on-line or a Fry's/Microcenter store. They are pretty cheap nowdays .

                          • Re: Windows 10 and AMD graphics

                            Hi Kingfish.


                            Well, I know for a fact now I can run Windows 10 on my system; I created a partition to install the Windows 10 Preview. It took me a hell of a lot longer trying to create a darn iso dvd than it did to actually install the preview. I tried four times using the built in Windows DVD burner to no avail, for whatever reason it just wouldn't make it bootable.  I had to install ImgBurn to make it and it worked. That nearly didn't work either; that is to say - it wouldn't let me install it on any partition, not even the C drive. I had to boot up in legacy mode to install it.


                            Windows 10 is quite a big difference from Windows 8.1; still pretty buggy too. It is very fast though and Cortana is pretty decent. Two of the bugs people may notice right away is that Windows 10 may have trouble recognizing your monitor's actual resolution. My natural resolution is 1920 x 1080 (1040 with taskbar) but it started me up with 1024 and only other option I had was 1280.  Eventually it just kicked in and I finally got the 1920. But currently the biggest issue I am dealing with is that the Start Menu tiles don't line up with the mouse. If I hover mouse over one tile, it's actually selecting the tile above it - it's like an inch off from where it should be.  I didn't spend a whole lot of time with this because it was very late and I needed to get to sleep so I'm sure there is much more that is still buggy.


                            Overall first impression is: a very noticeable change that will require some getting used to, much faster response times in opening programs and windows and browser, but very clean looking. It will take some getting used to but it won't be as bad as when people first moved from the old way of doing things to the Windows 8 way.


                            So anyhow, other than not having DirectX 12 on my system I at least know Windows 10 can install on my system but I still don't know why I don't get that "Get Windows 10" pop-up notification.  Oh well.



                            • Re: Windows 10 and AMD graphics

                              I just wanted to update and say that for now my concerns over whether or not my three year-old system will be compatible with Windows 10 on release are soothed.


                              A day or two after I wrote my first reply here I applied a solution found in the Microsoft Community forums and I got my "Get Windows 10" notification pop-up moments later. I was not able to test my system's compatibility with that "Get Windows 10" app, not for the first day or two after getting it - which then started to make me concerned again. I kept getting the error message "This report is unavailable right now" (Something like that).  Then on June 10th when I went to try again I see that my system went ahead and already did the compatibility check on it's own and it was already completed and my system passed with flying colors.


                              This notification + success message + the fact I have Windows 10 Technical Preview installed and running on a different partition make me comfortable that things will be okay on release day.


                              At kingfish - By the way. We briefly mentioned and spoke about DirectX 12 and my system and we both concluded that I probably wouldn't be able to run DirectX 12 and I was willing to accept that trade off as long as it meant I was still able to run Windows 10. Well, I just wanted to say that after I installed Windows 10 Technical Preview on a different partition I ran "dxdiag" and it did infact say I was running DirectX 12 -- so I think I am going to be okay there too! =)


                              So for anyone else running a low-end AMD APU and graphics card like mine (AMD A6-3620 APU with the AMD Radeon HD 6530D graphics card) I can say that for this combo everything seems like it will be okay for Windows 10.


                              Windows 10 Good To Go.PNG



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                      • Re: Windows 10 and AMD graphics

                        Only GCN 1.1 and 1.2 will benefit full support for DirectX 12 and 12.1, the GCN 1.0 NOT.

                        • Re: Windows 10 and AMD graphics

                          The Win10 release is drawing near and I still get this warning from MS:

                          win10 monitor incompat.jpg