FX9590 Max Safe Temp?

Discussion created by admin on Mar 7, 2015
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Hey all,

I just finished a new build with my FX-9590 + ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z mobo and the chip seems to run RIDICULOUSLY hot..Under about 40% load the temps spike up to 60c... Running Prime95 spikes it above 65 and the ASUS Warning pops up. Idle sits at 43c

I have already tried down-volting to 1.75, didn't change anything.
I am cooling it with a Dual-Radiator H100i GTX CLC, and MX-4 Thermal paste (grain of rice sized amount in the middle of the chip)

Can anyone tell me if that temp is safe?
Should I just take it back and get a 110w chip?

Appreciate any help/advice!