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    Samsung 850 Evo SSD


      "Samsung has announced imminent arrival of the 850 Evo SSD — the first mainstream SSD that uses 3D NAND. Thanks to its fancy 3D NAND tech, the 850 Evo is one of the fastest SSDs on the market — and the longevity and reliability of 3D NAND TLC flash cells is so much better than standard planar NAND flash that Samsung offers the 850 Evo with a five-year warranty. There is one problem with the 850 Evo, however: It isn’t priced quite right for a mainstream drive."



        • Samsung 850 Evo SSD
          50¢/GB is still pretty good, however with SATA III bandwidth reached long ago, and non professional programs not exceeding that limit, I don't see to many people paying the premium over existing Samsung, or any other, SSD anytime soon.
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            Was AMD fanboy now NOT SO MUCH I am so tired of AMD dragging there feet there is no reason there drivers sb950 should lag behind intel's.

            I just bought a Samsung 850 EVO and come to find out it could or will most likely will lag behind an Intel controller. This is a quote

            straight from Samsung tech support:

            Thank you for contacting Samsung Support: regarding your concerns and inquiries.

            Based on AMD's quality, sometimes the drives will work fine in AMD systems and

            sometimes the AMD controllers wont give full performance to the SSD's compared to INTEL systems.


            OK AMD you have to address this issue. Why pay for AMD products if they don't compete with Intel. 

            After Christmas I will return and give the numbers for my new 850 EVO and see how bad it is.....