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    Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 CrossFireX problems


      I know it is an older game, though it is based on CryEngine 3 graphics engine.

      The problem is, the native/ default crossfirex profile by the drivers is not scaling well. I use max settings, 1080p 60Hz, DX9 rendering and vsync off.

      I get ~56 fps on 99% usage on all 4 gpus:

      ultra/ dx9/ native profile photo SniperGhostWarrior2 ultra_zpslbfjh8co.png

      By forcing a custom AFR crossfirex profile through CCC, i get proper scaling at 95% usage and 200+ fps on the same in-game scene!!!

      ultra/ dx9/ custom AFR profile photo SniperGhostWarrior2 ultra AFR_zps4dvbatlz.png

      The problem with AFR profile, is that it introduces really HEAVY screen flickering, which makes the game unplayable/ unwatchable.

      So the question is, does anybody know of another game's pre-determined profile that scales well and does not cause any flickering?

      Any feedback on this will be greatly appreciated!