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    DirectX 12, LiquidVR breathe fresh life into AMD GPUs thanks to asynchronous shading



      With DirectX 12 coming soon with Windows 10, VR technology ramping up from multiple vendors, and the Vulkan API already debuted, it’s an exceedingly interesting time to be in PC gaming. AMD’s GCN architecture is three years old at this point, but certain features baked into the chips at launch (and expanded with Hawaii in 2013) are only now coming into their own, thanks to the improvements ushered in by next-generation APIs.

      One of the critical technologies underpinning this argument is the Asynchronous Command Engine (ACEs) that are part of every GCN-class video card. The original HD 7900 family had two ACE’s per GPU, while AMD’s Hawaii-class hardware bumped that even further, to eight.