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This program was installed on your computer because you chose to "Express Install" the graphics drivers. It tells you this. It also tells you that if you don't want it installed, to choose 'Custom" install and Uncheck "Gaming Evolved". Now that you have it...there is only one way to delete it...all of it. Also,if you choose 'Custom" install, and you can not 'uncheck 'gaming evolved' will say that it is already installed and up to date....then you didn't remove it correctly.

First, use your computer "remove a program" and completely uninstall 'Gaming evolved'. (Run crap cleanr afterwards if you want).

Secondly, enter the registry (regedit) do a search for raptr. When found ...delete. Keep searching for more (find next)...there will be several. Delete them all. If you miss one...then you won't be able to 'deselect' Gaming Evolved when custom installing the drivers.

Note..this does not 'fix' your drivers....after all of this has been removed...then go through the 'Clean' install method again.