Why I ordered a 290X

Discussion created by black_zion on May 10, 2015
Originally I had planned to stick with my 7970 until the R9 390X Water Cooled Edition (if it will be called that), but once again one of the fans on this thing is out of balance (XFX, what can you say?) which is causing a really annoying vibration, and it is loud as a hair dryer thanks to the 3000+ RPM fan speed. Another reason is that AMD might have shot themselves in the foot by announcing the details of the cards coming next year. As impressive as they're being talked up, it's the cards in 2016 which will carry the big weight. FinFET vs 20nm, HBM2 vs HBM1...

Anyway, I chose the Sapphire Tri-X 290X New Edition instead of the ASUS DirectCU 290X. It was $30 more, but with 3 fans instead of 2 for increased cooling at lower fan speeds and better acoustics (backed up by reviews), an overhanging shroud which should increase cooling, and dual 8 pin connectors for stability. I figure I can get about $125 for this 7970, making the net cost between $175-$200. Hard to tell what the increase in performance is going to be since I run this at 1150/1550, but honestly I'm looking more for acoustical improvements at this time, enough to last me to the water cooled 2016 cards.