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    AMD Issue Reporting Form


      Keep in mind that the more reports sent to the Catalyst engineers, the more attention paid. All issues must be reproducible. A "Issue Report" is not a invitation to a dialog with AMD.


        • AMD Issue Reporting Form

          Originally posted by: KillerDustles I just upgraded my power supply to be able to crossfire and I launched the computer and uninstalled all the drivers and installed the newest ones for my Radeaon HD 7790, Powered it down Installed my HD Redeaon 7770 in (Which are on the same driver) I Powered it down once more and installed the Crossfire strip on the top of the two cards then relaunched it and I used the program GPU-Z, It told me it dectects both cards but then I when into AMD Catalyst Control Center and it didn't give me the option to enable the crossfire. What should i do?</p>


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          What you should do is post a question in the correct forum , and quit hijacking threads. Your post has nothing to do with the subject of this post. It was put here for information, and doesn't need your input.

          Could a monitor delete this dude's post and please lock this thread?